My adventure of a 36 hour fast

Our 36 hour fast Hello beautiful people! How are we all? If you follow my instagram you’ll have seen on Sunday/Monday’s stories that El and I decided to try out a fast after our two week indulgence on holiday. There’s some evidence floating about that shows doing a fast before starting a calorie restricted diet... Continue Reading →


My Adventures of (some of) Southern France

Hello beautiful people! How are we all? El and I have been home for 4 days now and I can safely say the rain and being at work is not helping us with our holiday blues. France was, to be short, awesome. Two whole weeks of relaxing in 30 degree heat on various beaches (or... Continue Reading →

My thoughts on blogging so far

Hello beautiful people! How are we all? As El and I slowly inch towards the end of our holiday (😭😭) my brain is slowly bringing itself back in to some sort of normal working order for when I return back to my 9-5 grind. Looking through the social media’s of other bloggers, I’ve come to... Continue Reading →

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